The Cartographic Journal

Kartografien fiktionaler Welten

Barbara Piatti, Lorenz Hurni
Editorial: Kartographien fiktionaler Welten (Originaltitel: Editorial: Cartographies of Fictional Worlds)

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This editorial provides an overview about past and current developments in the dynamic field of literary geography/literary cartography. It also alludes to the collection of papers presented in this special issue dedicated to »Cartographies of Fictional Worlds« – each of them handpicked by the guest editors Barbara Piatti and Lorenz Hurni.

"The range of maps presented in this special issue is already impressive, from hand-painted pieces of art with the poetic appeal of the collage to highly sophisticated automatically rendered statistical surfaces, based on density algorithms."

The editorial has to be seen as a passionate plea for literary geography and literary cartography in terms of not only academic, but general benefit:

"A literary-geographical reading can change our understanding – not only of books, but of the world we live in. It creates knowledge. Through literary geography, we learn more about the production of places, their historical layers, their meanings, functions and symbolic values. If places emerge from a combination of real elements and fictional accounts, then literary geography and literary cartography can work as a very efficient eye-opener."

Piatti, Barbara; Hurni, Lorenz (2011): Cartographies of Fictional Worlds (Editorial), The Cartographic Journal, Volume 48, Number 4, November 2011, S. 218-223. → Download

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