A Literary Atlas of Europe (Poster)

Poster: A Literary Atlas of Europe (english) inverted preview image

Anne-Kathrin Reuschel A Literary Atlas of Europe. Mapping and Analysing the Geography of Fiction with Interactive Tools ➔ Download at the bottom of the page In connection with a presentation of the ongoing doctoral thesis of Anne-Kathrin Reuschel (which covers all technical and cartographical questions of the »Literary Atlas of Europe«) a poster has been [...]

Reading with Maps – A Plea


Barbara Piatti Reading with Maps. Plea for a viualised Geography of Fiction (Original title: Mit Karten lesen. Plädoyer für eine visualisierte Geographie der Literatur) ➔ Download at the bottom of the page Barbara Piatti: Mit Karten lesen. Plädoyer für eine visualisiere Geographie der Literatur. In: Boothe, B., Bühler, P. et al. (Hrsg.): Textwelt -Lebenswelt. Interpretation [...]

Historical novels set in Prague

Alois JiraséK: »F.L.Vek« Interpretierte Wege, Diagrammatische Darstellung


Central Switzerland in Fiction (Documentary)

Vierwaldstättersee Innerschweiz

Literarische Innerschweiz – eine filmische Annäherung  von Claudia Schmid (2011) Die Vierwaldstättersee-Gotthard-Region ist zweifellos eine der am dichtesten beschriebenen Literaturlandschaften Europas. Barbara Piatti, Literaturwissenschaftlerin Die spektakuläre Landschaft der Vierwaldstättersee-Region mit ihren Tälern und Berggipfeln hat literarische Spuren hinterlassen. Namhafte Autorinnen und Autoren der Weltliteratur sowie zahlreiche lokal verankerte Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller haben sich schreibend mit [...]

Berlin Novels and Urban Topography

Karte 1: Uwe Johnson »Zwei Ansichten« (1965)  © Karte: Giannina Widmer

Giannina Leonie Widmer: » „over the Wall“ and the hole in the middle of Berlin. Berlin literature before and after the reunification  – from a literary geography perspective« (Master thesis, University of Basel 2010) Map 2a: Peter Schneider »Der Mauerspringer« (1982) Frame story layer © Giannina Widmer, Basel Map 2b: Peter Schneider »Der Mauerspringer« (1982) [...]

Spatial Uncertainty in Fiction


Anne-Kathrin Reuschel Mapping Literature: Visualisation of Spatial Uncertainty in Fiction ➔ Download at the bottom of the page Abstract:The interdisciplinary project ‘A Literary Atlas of Europe’ aims to develop an interactive atlas as a research tool for spatial analysis of literature. The central questions of where do stories take place and what interactions exist between [...]

Density Estimation of Literary Spaces


Hans Rudolf Bär Improved Density Estimation for the Visualisation of Literary Spaces ➔ Download at the bottom of the page Abstract: The elements that constitute the literary space can mainly be described by categories such as settings, zones where actions take place and routes along which characters move. Apart from the presentation of the specific [...]

Mapping Counterfactual Spaces

Neu York - Melissa Gould

Barbara Piatti, Lorenz Hurni Mapping the Ontologically Unreal – Counterfactual Spaces in Literature and Cartography ➔ Download at the bottom of the page This paper deals with the realm of alternate worlds. Although the emphasis of such creations relies on historical alteration (resulting in an alternate time stream), settings can impressively support the historical alternative: [...]